health resorts

The list of the most important health resorts in the Republic of Poland

  1. The health resort Uzdrowisko Busko-Zdrój is located in the southern Poland, 220 km from the capital, Warsaw, and only 80 km from Cracow, the second largest Polish city.  You can arrive there by train or tourist bus. The resort has been specialized for nearly two hundred years in treating the following diseases: orthopedic, rheumatic, cardiological, neurological and dermatological. The resort carries out diagnosis of people with cerebral palsy, too.

Contact details:

phone number 0048413703800

mobile phone 0048785005500

fax 0048413703050





2- The health resort Ciechocinek is located 241 km from the capital, Warsaw. You can reach it by train or tourist bus. The resort includes a group of therapeutic resorts, hospitals, sanatoriums, physiotherapy centers, hotels and restaurants located in green areas. The complex is visited by patients seeking a relief in the following cases: rheumatism, respiratory system diseases, neurological system diseases, circulatory system diseases. There is a variety of natural treatments available in the resort, including salt, bromine, sulfur and mud baths.

Contact details:

tourist information 0048544160160




3- Krynica-Zdrój is a major center of physiotherapy. This health resort offers treatment diseases of the digestive system, diseases of the urinary tract, cardiovascular problems and diseases caused by abnormal metabolism. There are many sanatoriums, clinics and spas located in Krynica-Zdrój. The resort is well known due to the drillings and water pump rooms. The region is located in the far south of Poland closed to the border with the Slovak Republic, around 422 km away from the capital Warsaw and around 120 km from Cracow, the second largest Polish city. This health resort can be reached by train or tourist buses.

Contact details:

tourist information 0048184725588, 0048184725577



4- The area of Kamień Pomorski is located on the archipelago extending from the Baltic Sea, in the far northwest of Poland near the Polish-German border. This health resort offers the treatment for rheumatism, cardiological diseases, hypertension, lower respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, psychological trauma and childhood diseases. You can reach it by tourist buses, train and local planes landing in neighboring regions.

Contact details:


       phone number 0048 91 38 25 042

       fax 0048 91 38 21 135




5- Duszniki-Zdrój, a city of bathhouses, is located in the region called Lower Silesia, far south-west of Poland in the mountainous region near the Polish-Czech border and about 460 km from the capital, Warsaw. This health resort can be reached by train, tourist buses and indirect planes to the city of Wrocław, which is only about 100 km away. The visitors from all over Europe come to Duszniki-Zdrój because of the waters with unique medicinal properties dating back to the fifteenth century. What is more, the world famous musician, Fryderyk Chopin lived and grew up there. An annual international music festival is held yearly in the city in his memory.

        Contact details:

        tourist information 0048748669413