General Information

Local name: Rzeczpospolita Polska

Political System: Republic.

Capital: Warsaw

Major Cities: (Lodz), (Krakow), (Wroclaw), (Poznan), (Gdansk).

Area: 312,685 square kilometers

Border: Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia (Klanegrad), Slovakia, Ukraine.

Official language: Polish.

Currency: Azelta zloty (PLN)

Population: 38.635000 people.

Races: Polish 96.7%, German 0.4%, Ukrainians 0.1%. Others 2.7%.

Religion: Roman Catholic 89.9%, 1.3% Ortodo Western Protestant 0.3%, others 0.3%. No religious 8.3% ..

Political system:

According to the Constitution of Poland is a parliamentary republic apply the principle of people's sovereignty and the independence of the law, and the principle of the separation of the three powers, Poland classified as a centralized state.

Authorities in Poland are the legislative authority of House of Representatives (Sejm) and the Senate (Senat) and the executive Council of Ministers.

The system of government in Poland:

According to the Polish Constitution Poland is a democratic republic based on multiparty parliament binary (the House of Representatives and the Senate) and reflect the principles of the Polish Constitution, the usual values ​​of countries such as the sovereignty of the nation, the sovereignty and the independence of judges, the Constitution guarantees the freedom of action of political parties in addition to the participation of social organizations and local elected governments in power and ensuring the constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms with the implicit international and European human rights conventions.

Brief about Poland:

Poland is a republic located in Eastern Europe, an area of ​​(312,683) square kilometers and a population of about (38,626,349) people, bordered to the north of the Baltic Sea, the North-eastern Russian province Kalningrad Lithuania, from the Middle Belarus and Ukraine, from the south Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and West Germany, and what distinguishes Poland from its neighbors is that (90%) of its people follow the Catholic Church, this is typical of Eastern Europe, which most of its follow Orthodox Church, the nature of the country in the north plain, while increasing heights as we head south form Elisita Mountains (Sudetenland) and (Carpaj).

Official language:

Polish language is the official language in the country, Polish language is  a one of the Slavic languages ​​that fall under the Indo-European languages ​​and spoken by the inhabitants of Eastern Europe and the Balkan states and some parts of Central Europe and part of the northern continent of Asia.


Christianity is the dominant religion in the State of Poland, where is (90%) of the residents of the state condemn the Christian religion and belonging to the Catholic community, as well as a few numbers belong to the Orthodox community, and there are Jewish and Muslim minorities in the State Poland.


Climate is generally mild and become a continental as we head east, especially Southeast, the average temperatures (5-7) to (8-10) in the mountains and highlands, and is considered the month (June July, August) is the warmest month of the year where the temperature is between (16-19) to (25) at least over the cooler months is the month of December to January, where temperatures drop to below zero.

Investing in real estate sector in Poland:

  • Prices in this sector is relatively stable and on the rise.
  • Quick profits that can be achieved from this sector without presence of risk or very limited.
  • Decline in real estate prices in Poland compared to Western European countries, with an increasing demand for housing.
  • Investment flexibility in this area as it can for the property owner to rent or sell the property at the moment they want and achieving financial gain.
  • There are many ways and sources of financing such as banks and banks or other financial institutions or enter into a partnership with a major real estate partnerships.