Education in Poland

The higher education in Poland is at a high and outstanding level. Polish universities represent not only the EU but also the global level.

The low costs of education in comparison to the West European countries are the main advantage of the studies in Poland, alongside with the low maintenance costs. Therefore, recently Poland has become an important destination for students from all over the world.

Among the advantages of studying in Poland may be listed:

  1. the low tuition fees in all specializations in comparison to the West European countries, in addition to the low costs of living
  2. the ease of being admitted to the medical and dental studies, in the faculties of engineering, management and business
  3. the ease of being admitted to the studies at master’s and doctoral degrees
  4. no complications in obtaining the visa especially for the citizens of the Gulf states
  5. the possibility of studying in English
  6. the recognition of the Polish diploma in all European countries


The countries that direct their students to Poland:

  • the first rank among foreign students is occupied by the students from Ukraine
  • the second rank for the students from Belarus
  • the third place for the students from India
  • there are Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland among the countries that have more than 1000 students acquiring higher education in Poland. Their number began to decrease starting in 2018.


    Major public/government universities:

    • The medical faculties:


  • Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bialystok
  • The Academy of Medical Sciences in Bydgoszcz
  • Faculty of Medicine of the University of Gdansk (one of the main Polish ports)
  • Faculty of Medicine of the University of Silesia in Katowice
  • Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lublin
  • Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lodz
  • The Academy of Medical Studies Karol Marcinkowski in Poznan
  • Warsaw Medical University
  • The Academy of Medical Studies in Wroclaw
  • Graduate Medical Center of Warsaw
  • Faculty of Medicine of the University in Olsztyn


    A period of medical studies:

  • faculty of human medicine 6 years
  • faculty of dental studies 5 years
  • faculty of pharmacy studies completed with the master’s diploma 5 years


    • The studies of engineering are carried out in:


  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Bialystok University of Technology
  • Gdansk University of Technology
  • Cracow University of Technology
  • Poznan University of Technology
  • Wroclaw University of Technology


    • Major faculties of engineering:


  • Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning
  • Electronics, Information Technology, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • City Engineering
  • Environment Engineering
  • Mathematics and Information Science
  • Computer Science
  • Energy and Aviation Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Mechatronics



    A period of engineering studies:


  • faculty of engineering 4 years completed with obtaining a bachelor's degree
  • possibility of extending the studies for one year to graduate obtaining a master’s degree


    The tuition fees in engineering universities depend on the faculty and university and change from year to year.


     Requested documents:

  • Procedures and documents requested in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the State of Qatar:

  • three current biometric photos presenting the student's head (female student's head in hijab)
  • a round-trip ticket
  • filling out the specified form in English after prior reservation
  • a copy of the valid passport
  • a dollar check (changes from year to year)
  • a document confirming being admitted by the Polish institute or university recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education
  • a document of the health insurance issued by the insurance office
  • providing financial guarantees issued by the Ministry of Higher Education (about possessing sufficient funds to cover the cost of staying in Poland)



  • The Embassy may request some additional documents.
  • University admission requirements vary between different universities.
  • The students may be provided with all information referring to the university admission requirements directly at the university or in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.



  • The costs of staying in a student house for foreigners vary between 150 and 200 euros per month (they may be changed year to year) and include single, double and triple rooms which must be paid by the student for four months in advance.
  • A private place of residence may obviously guarantee more comfort but the one is connected with higher costs.


    Maintenance costs:

  • The maximum costs of maintenance calculated per one student reach around 600 euros monthly (housing, meals, transport)
  • The health insurance costs around 20 euros per month. The student is requested to settle the payment in advance for one year.