• Royal Castle

    The royal castle was built between 1589 and 1619 as the seat of the King of Poland (Zigmund III). The castle was destroyed by the Germans during the Second World War and was built in the same shape between the years 1971 and 1984. The castle is today a cultural center and contains an important museum of Polish heritage and culture.


  • the National Museum

    The National Museum is a national cultural institution, one of the oldest museums in Poland and the largest museum in Warsaw. It contains a very large collection of more than 700,000 pieces, mostly of ancient art (Egyptian, Roman and Greek art). It also houses an exhibition of applied arts and oriental art. The museum consists of several permanent and temporary galleries and reading rooms.


  • Palace of Culture and Science

     Built in 1952 and 1955 as a gift from the Soviet people to Poland, the tallest building in Poland, with a height of 231 meters. It is one of the famous tourist attractions in Warsaw. It has amazing panoramic views of the city and is now the headquarters of the Polish Academy of Sciences, as well as cinemas, theaters, museums, libraries and a large meeting hall


  • St. John's Cathedral

    One of Warsaw's oldest churches, built in the 14th century and damaged during the Second World War, redesigned several times and transformed from a church to a public cathedral (1798).

  • National Museum of Antiquities

     It was opened in 1923 and features its historic building, built in the 17th century. It has exhibits dating back to different ages from the Stone Age to the modern era, with a rich collection of ceramics and flints, metal objects, weapons, ornaments, ancient coins and jewelry.

  • State Ethnographic Museum

    It is the oldest museum in Poland, founded in 1888. It combines models of Polish and other international cultures. The museum has more than 80,000 artifacts. The museum exhibits forms of Polish traditional robes and costumes as well as various forms of furniture and household items. The museum also has a special hall to showcase the most important Polish inventions as well as some of the most important artistic creations of some of Poland's most famous artists. The museum also houses a large number of ethnographic monuments of many African and Asian peoples.

  • Stefan Stephensky Plant Reserve

     Stefan Stephensky Botanical Reserve is one of Poland's most important natural and recreational destinations. It is located in the south of Warsaw and has a total area of about 902.68 ha. It includes all types of trees and endemic plants in Poland. One of the main attractions of the reserve is a perennial pine tree of more than 130 years old. The reserve also houses a small botanical garden with many of the most beautiful plants and local flowers. The reserve offers visitors a variety of recreational and hiking trails and cycling.


    theaters in Warsaw

    Grand Theater in Warsaw

    National Philharmoni


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    Amphitheater - Lazienki Park



  • Old City Square

    The old city dates back to the medieval period and the Old Town Square is considered one of the oldest in Warsaw. The old city includes a range of restaurants, cafes and hotels, where tourists are often found to enjoy its beautiful views.

  • Copernicus Science Center

    The Copernicus Center is located on the banks of the Vistula river. It is one of the most important tourist attractions in Warsaw, the largest of its kind in Poland and the most advanced in Europe. The center is an important tourist destination and tourists from all over the world come to visit this place (estimate about 2 million tourists).  

  • Lazienki Park

    A magnificent royal garden, the largest in Warsaw, estimated at 76 hectares, designed in the 17th century, in the Baroque style. During the reign of August, the classical style was characterized by the beauty of nature and the industrial lakes. There are a number of animals and birds, such as squirrels, peacocks. There are many concerts held there. 

  • Krakowskie Przedmiescie - Pedestrian street

    It is considered one of the most important tourist streets in Warsaw, where there are many tourist places such as the Presidential Palace, Warsaw University, the Old City. It is one of the famous tourist streets for walking. There are many restaurants. 

    Top hotels in Warsaw

  • Novotel Hotel Centrum

    This 4-star hotel is conveniently located in the center of Warsaw, making it an excellent base in Warsaw. The many facilities of this modern hotel are close to Warsaw's famous sights, a 10-minute walk from Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra (National Museum) can be reached in 20 minutes on foot. shtml

  • Marriott Hotel


     This 5-star hotel is located in the heart of Warsaw, close to the main train station, the Palace of Culture and Science and the shopping center (Zlote Tarasy). Many of the options can be seen in the surrounding area, guests can enjoy a unique view of Warsaw.

  • Hotel Polonia Palace

    This 4-star hotel offers a quick access hall to the great tourist sites, with its central location in Warsaw and close to the well-known bars and nightlife venues.

  • Hotel Intercontinental Warszawa

    Located in the heart of Warsaw, near the Centrum Metro Station, this 5-star hotel is close to the main train station and the famous Zlote Tarasy shopping center, the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, Saxon Walking.

  • Radisson Blue Centrum Hotel

     This 5-star hotel is conveniently located in the city center making it an excellent base in Warsaw. It is a short walk from most of Warsaw's attractions.

  • Hilton Warsaw Hotel and Convention Center

    The 5-star hotel is located in the Wola area, a 10-minute walk from Warsaw's Trade Tower and a 20-minute drive to the city center where shops, bars and entertainment venues are located.


    City of Krakow:

     The Polish city of Krakow is one of the most important historical and cultural cities, which combines ancient civilization with monuments and culture, and the most important features:

  • Main field (Rynek Glowny).

     The main square is the public square in Kraków. It is one of the largest squares built in the Middle Ages. It has several cafés and restaurants, as well as several clothing shops, shops and jewelry shops. For souvenirs, this is the most suitable place for celebrations especially in the summer.

  • The Czartoryski Museum

     The museum has various collections of antiques and treasures belonging to the ancient royal families as well as valuable antiques from Russia and many works of art and paintings by European artists of the Middle Ages.

    http://www.muzeum-czartoryskich.krakow.plRoyal Favel Castle.

  • Royal Wawel Castle.

     The Palace features many built-up areas including royal apartments and state rooms with art galleries showing lots of antiques and treasures. Under it there is a legendary cave that tells us that dragon was inhabited according to legend.

  • Salt mine in Wieliczka

    It is a huge underground mine, a church carved in salt in the ground, along with the possibility of seeing the railway and trailers for transporting salt. The mine is one of the oldest salt mines in the world and declared to be a UNESCO heritage site.

  • Juliusz Slowacki's Theater

    This theater is from the 19th century and was designed in the Baroque style, where the international theater groups offer their performances and can be seen in multiple plays of drama, comedy and musicals.


    Top Krakow Hotels:


  • Sheraton Hotel- Krakow (modern luxury) - close to Wawel Castle south of the old town, overlooking the river.

  • Copernicus Hotel(classic luxury - in the heart of the old town) and near the castle of Wawel.

  • Grand Hotel(classic luxury) - in the old city north of the Grand Plaza or Grand Market.


    theater in kraków

    Teatr im. Juliusza Słowackiego

    Krakow Theater Stage STU

    Małopolski Ogród Sztuki


    City of Gdansk

       The city is located on the Baltic Sea and is the main port of Poland. The city is characterized by its distinctive tourist destination, which includes the beaches and commercial ports. The city of Gdansk is one of the cities that participated in the Second World War, which gives it historical importance. The city includes many places and tourist destinations such as ports, museums, a historical cathedral and the 19th century National Museum. The museum is famous for its handicrafts and is visited by many tourists to learn about the history of the city. 


  • City of Zakopane

    Zakopane is one of the most famous mountainous tourist areas in Poland. It is located in the far south of Poland and is a center of culture for people in the mountainous regions of Poland (they are called "Gorale"), and a popular destination for mountaineering, skiing, tourism and can be reached by train or bus from Warsaw or the city of Krakow. There are excellent conditions for winter sports such as mountain skiing, snowboarding and jumping, while in the summer tourists come there to enjoy hiking, climbing.


  • City Wroclaw

     The largest city in western Poland is located on the Odra river. It is considered an important commercial and economic center and ranked No. 230 as the world's best city of life in Mercer's global ranking for the year 2015 and was the only Polish city to be included in this category. The only Polish to be included within the possible top ten to visit, according to the newspaper "The Guardian" British. The city has important tourist attractions:


  • ●Market Square in the Old Town, this market is one of Europe's largest and oldest markets. The buildings surrounding the market are buildings of different historical periods, the central part of the market square dating back to the Middle Ages, consisting of the old city hall, the new city council and many housing.


  • Hala Ludowawas built according to architect Max Berg's plans from 1911 to 1913, when the city was part of the German Empire


  • The Raclawicka Panorama, which embodies a battle in the 19th century, is one of a few examples of this type preserved in Europe