Important advice

Rules and guidelines of concern to citizens:

  • To ensure the validity of passports and duration sufficient for a period of leave and return that is not less than six months, and keep a number of the passport and family book or identity for reference when reviewing the mission in case of loss.
  • Make sure you deal in your reservations for travel, accommodation and transportation with licensed tourist offices and with confidence.
  • Do not carry large sums of money while in airports and replace them with credit cards.
  • Get a receipt amounts that you converted into the currency of your destination country.
  • Prohibits smoking in many public places, including cultural facilities intended for public use and recreation, restaurants, entertainment venues, and public transport, and facilities for passenger service, and in positions of public transport, and sports facilities, and other intended for public use spaces.
  • The man should take away his cap when he entered to a place where playing the national anthem, or a church, or during the funeral. This does not apply to those wearing a scarf and turban.